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Under the EU General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) we, Seacourt Tennis Club Ltd, need (a) to obtain your consent to us continuing to hold your personal data and (b) to inform you of your individual rights under the GDPR. Seacourt Tennis Club Ltd currently holds an amount of personal data on you, including your name, address, email address (if supplied to us) telephone numbers, date of birth, occupation, gender, Real Tennis handicap, some subscription information, Seacourt card account balance and bank details for the sole purpose of collecting subscriptions by standing order or direct debit (if you are a direct debit member). To enable Seacourt Tennis Club Ltd to continue to function effectively we need to be able to communicate with Members. Seacourt Tennis Club Ltd will still be able to communicate with you without your consent if it is required to carry out the business of Seacourt Tennis Club Ltd (such as notification of subscription rates or increase in court fees), but otherwise Seacourt Tennis Club Ltd will NOT be able to communicate with you using the data it holds UNLESS YOU GIVE YOUR CONSENT. We set out below the various ways in which Seacourt Tennis Club Ltd would like to collect, store and use (process) your personal data. You are now asked to GIVE YOUR CONSENT to each of those processing items which is acceptable to you BY CLICKING IN THE BOX below each such item:-